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21 Jan 2019

🎗Saudi and UAE launch a common cryptocurrency

The UAE and Saudi Arabia announced plans to launch collective digital asset, during the Saudi-Emirati Coordination council Saturday in Abu Dhabi.

The cryptocurrency will be constrained to cross-banking operations on a distributed ledger between the two central banks and participating banks in its first stage of implementation.

source: Arab News

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19 Jan 2019

HSBC states it settled $250 bn of forex deals on blockchain

The bank announced on Monday it settled over 3 million trades and 150,000 payments worth $250 billion since February, suggesting blockchain technology is actively used in day-to-day operations.

HSBC has not revealed any specific transaction data points as it represents only a fraction of the entire book.
The bank mentioned it lowered the operation risks, automated manual processes, reduced costs and their dependency on external technology.

source: Reuters

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3 Jan 2019

54% of 2018 ETH withdrawals from projects happened in December

As the ETH price continued to plummet, projects sold off close to 18% of their net position

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20 Dec 2018

Building a Cryptocurrency Portfolio: Top 7 Things to Consider

Planning to build your own crypto-portfolio? But don't know how to? Investing in cryptocurrency has been and still is an abstruse concept. Here's 7 things to consider before diving in crypto.

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11 Dec 2018

Decentraland kickstarts second LAND auction

Virtual world and metaverse pioneer Decentraland launches sale of 9,000 LAND parcels.




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