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17 Oct 2018

Bitcoin Foundation Founder shows skepticism about stablecoin boom

Monetary economist Jon Matinos mention stablecoins reminded him with Mt Gox 2012 vouchers yesterday: The Visa Chief Forex Dealer is widely recognised as a leading crypto economist and researcher th...

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15 Oct 2018

Top ICO and token sale innovations

Cryptocurrency primary markets, where tokens are created and sold for the first time, started off with manual exchanges. At the time, investors purchased tokens in Bitcoin directly from the devel...

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4 Oct 2018

ICOs made profit from Ether holdings and conversions to fiat.

Our last piece on ICO holdings focused on crypto-tokens teams that held more cash than their entire token capitalisation. It showcased that ICO projects live complex financial lives, as they have t...

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1 Oct 2018

ICO soft and hard capitalisation, why it matters

There is a legitimate fear when it comes to crypto primary markets. This part of the crypto-economy, where projects sell tokens they issue via an initial coin offering (ICO), can often feel overwh...

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27 Sep 2018

Bitmain IPO documents showcase $400 loss in Q2

Hidden performances in the second quarter Bitmain finally confirmed its intention to IPO and get listed on the Honk Kong exchange via a public statement. Their investor's document showcase Bitmain'...

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25 Sep 2018

The future of the ICO market: securities offering and tokenised assets

Institutional money can't wait to enter crypto-markets. In fact, the number of hedge funds has increased by 62.5% amidst the bear market and unregulated environment. Primary market are also affect...


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