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19 Feb 2019

💳 Post office in Liechtenstein's start selling Bitcoin at physical location

One post office in Liechtenstein's capital, Vaduz, is planning to sell Bitcoin in addition to four other cryptocurrency: Ripple, Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash.

Värdex Suisse, a Zug-based ATM operator, will handle the installation of the service.

source: (in German)

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18 Feb 2019

🔎 Loopring and PwC issue a stable value coin report

Big Four auditor PwC and decentralized exchange protocol Loopring published a market research report on the state of the stable coin market and its classification.

The report, taxonomy, fundamentals, use cases and financial analysis of the segment - a comprehensive read for both newcomers and experts in the field.

source: Loopring, PwC

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17 Feb 2019

💃 Argentina settles exports in Bitcoin with Paraguay

Paraguay purchased $7,100 worth of pesticides in a deal export with Argentina. The transaction occurred on the Bitcoin network and then converted in Argentinan pesos to settle the accounts of an agricultural chemical company.

It is the first time an export deal is settled in a cryptocurrency for both countries. The initiative comes under the Argentinian "Exporta Simple" program which aims to simplify export deals worth less than $15,000.

source: CoinTelegraph

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16 Feb 2019

🏛 Mike Novogratz: "Institutional clients are preparing to enter the cryptocurrency market"

Galaxy Digital Investment founder believes that institutional players should start to invest in crypto by next year. He mentioned that "all the architecture that institutions need to feel comfortable with this [cryptocurrency] is being put in place".
Online custodian storage solutions have recently witnessed a sudden surge, with Fidelity investments leading the way. Novogratz further stated that 200 to 300 clients are ready to invest via Fidelity.

source: Altcoin News

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15 Feb 2019

✔ Filecoin opens GitHub repo for transparency

Distributed storage network Filecoin announced they have opened their code base to increase their community reach. Although Filecoin has not deployed its main network yet, the initiative is a first step to open and test their product.

source: Filecoin

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Upcoming token sales

Secret Trees cryptocurrency logo 64X64 Secret Trees Manufacturing 100% $50000 6 days
Imusify cryptocurrency logo 64X64 Imusify Music 35% $71.4 mn 38 days
Solarex cryptocurrency logo 64X64 Solarex Energy 56% $116 mn 7 days
DeepCloud AI cryptocurrency logo 64X64 DeepCloud AI Computing 40% $37.5 mn 7 days
Rawg cryptocurrency logo 64X64 Rawg Gaming N/A N/A 7 days
Metacert Protocol cryptocurrency logo 64X64 Metacert Protocol Security and Privacy 2% $35.9 mn 7 days
Zenome cryptocurrency logo 64X64 Zenome Unclear N/A N/A 221 days
Trade Pharma Network cryptocurrency logo 64X64 Trade Pharma Network Pharma N/A N/A 9 days
Foneex cryptocurrency logo 64X64 Foneex Commodity N/A N/A 11 days
Azultec cryptocurrency logo 64X64 Azultec Data Transmission N/A N/A 26 days
iCasting cryptocurrency logo 64X64 iCasting Job Market 55% $29 mn 12 days
HyperionX cryptocurrency logo 64X64 HyperionX Crypto Bank 70% $40 mn 13 days
Bitcademy Football cryptocurrency logo 64X64 Bitcademy Football Sport 50% $30 mn 13 days
Orvium cryptocurrency logo 64X64 Orvium Education N/A N/A 17 days
Uncloak cryptocurrency logo 64X64 Uncloak Security and Privacy 50% $15 mn 33 days
Gese cryptocurrency logo 64X64 Gese Product Verification N/A N/A 52 days