0x boasts of its “Relayer Kit”, promises 1 min as its launching time

Irrespective of the bearish market 0x launched a Relayer Kit that can be integrated under a minute to a project. Although the token fell a few points down, looks like the technical team gave ZRX a better chance.

16 Nov 2018 2 min read

On 16th November, 0x announced the launch of its Relayer Kit, which will simplify 0x integration to add decentralised token trading to a project. The kit is launch-able under 60 secs and solves the issues related to time-consuming.

0x [ZRX] has been the centre of attention in the altcoin community since the beginning of 2018. The 0x token is recognised as an “Open Protocol” for decentralised exchange and is based on the Ethereum blockchain. Although the bear has attacked the market and bulls look low, the token has managed to woo its users by releasing an easy-to-built extensible 0x relayer codebase.

Along with the announcement, an article on their Medium page was released that explains the integration of the codebase that can be forked or used as reference material to create a customised marketplace.

0x draws an analogy between 0x Launch Kit and WordPress, a free, open-source software used to publish content online.

It says that medium level publishers can use tools available in Wordpress, but when it comes to humongous publishers such as Forbes, CNBC or BuzzFeed a more disciplined and functional solution is required. Here’s where 0x Relayer Kit plays its part as it allows publishers to build custom solutions which best suit their needs.

“0x Launch Kit is perfect for dApp developers that just want simple trade functionality, while more sophisticated teams can build custom solutions to fit their use cases.”

0x further explained the seamless integration of their codebase in a project, they said, “Just fork the repo, run, and start making or taking orders via the Standard Relayer API.”

An individual only requires to copy the codebase as it is provided or can add more customisations to it, after which the individual managing the integration can run the code and start the conversions of business through the Standard Relayer API.

One can use this core experience as it is provided or can customise its own UI which is compatible and communicates with the Launch Kit to post or serve order book information. Once the code is set, a deployment to a hosting service is required to introduce a better marketplace to the new users of the project. Projects that create ERC-20 tokens, indie game makers selling non-fungible assets and many more can utilize the 0x Relayer Kit to seamlessly create decentralised secondary markets for their digital assets.

As observed on CoinMarketCap, 0x was trapped under the bearish claws in the past week. The token lost over $90 million of its market cap under 4 days and managed to gain half of the value back. It fluctuated between $0.71 to $0.55 margin and tried gaining a momentum at $0.57 today.

At the time of press, 0x is ranked #26 on CMC and has a trading price of $0.56.

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