Where to spend Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies

Today, with the cryptocurrency market growing at an unprecedented pace, most goods and services are available for purchase with Bitcoin as retailers do not want to miss out on the crypto-boom.


An increasing number of merchants are now accepting Bitcoins as a form of payment, including some billion dollar revenue corporates including Shopify, Microsoft, Dell and Expedia to name a few.

Gift cards

You can purchase many gift cards with Bicoins on platforms such as eGifter or Gyft.

With them, you can access an even larger pool of merchants including Starbucks, DunkinDonuts, Walmart or Gap to name a few.


At first, Bitcoin transactions kicked off on the dark web, illegal marketplaces and gambling platforms. Today, the majority of them are still operational, enabling the purchase of illicit products, including narcotics or weapons.

Be sure to check your legislation before ordering anything.

Because Bitcoin has matured to a global market, more and more merchants are encouraged to accept cryptocurrencies as a form of payment.