About us

At tropyc, we believe there is a better way to list initial coin offerings.

A more valuable, less invasive way where investors and crypto-enthusiasts know there is no conflict of interest between the aggregator and the token sale issuer. A place where ICOs can get listed and rated for free but cannot advertise or promote their token sale.

We are obsessively passionate about cryptocurrency and ICOs and know for a fact it will have a long-term and positive impact on our world.

We want to make things easier for anyone who's interested in initial coin offerings, token sales and the world of cryptocurrency as a whole.

Today, ICOs are one of the least transparent aspects of the crypto-economy, and we figured we could help out by providing token economy valuation, an analytical solution as well as an open-source and objective rating framework.

Tropyc is crypto.

But yeah, besides a funky crypto anagram, tropyc is an ICO discovery, statistics and rating platform built by and for the crypto geeks.

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