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Monthly volume of token sales in 2018


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GoldBox cryptocurrency logo 64X64 GoldBox Financial Management N/A N/A 40 days
Ledgity cryptocurrency logo 64X64 Ledgity Asset Tokenisation 28% $147 mn 40 days
Wise Network cryptocurrency logo 64X64 Wise Network Goods and Electronics N/A N/A 58 days
LOVE Air Coffee cryptocurrency logo 64X64 LOVE Air Coffee Manufacturing N/A N/A 71 days
Vos AI cryptocurrency logo 64X64 Vos AI AI and ML 5% $2 bn 95 days
Trecento Blockchain Capital cryptocurrency logo 64X64 Trecento Blockchain Capital Crypto Bank 75% $30.9 mn 164 days
Zenome cryptocurrency logo 64X64 Zenome Unclear N/A N/A 133 days
MenuBuzz cryptocurrency logo 64X64 MenuBuzz Food and Beverage 67% $40 mn 351 days

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4 Mar 2019

🔨 Hacked exchange Cryptopia plans to go back live today

New Zealand-based cryptocurrency exchange Cryptopia is planning to reopen their platform today or tomorrow after successfully transferring 24% of wallets to their "new secure servers". Cryptopia lost $3.6 million after a cyber-attack that occurred in January 2019.

source: Twitter

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3 Mar 2019

👮‍♂️ Reports suggest QuadrigaCX founder ran a scam

QuadrigaCX founder Michael Patryn might be Omar Dhanani. The latter was arrested in 2004 and pleaded guilty for conspiracy to transfer identification documents as part of and served one and half year in prison. QuadrigaCX shut down after the CEO died of Crohn disease while travelling in India, customers are unable to access their funds since then.

source: Breakermag

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2 Mar 2019

🚨 Coinbase user struggle to delete their accounts

After Coinbase's acquisition of Neutrino, a cryptocurrency tracking product company with former founders of Hacking Team, a wave of protest has hit social media through the trending #DeleteCoinbase.

It appears that users are now struggling to delete their accounts as it requires to have zero-balance. Coinbase won't allow users to send dust balance (low amount of crypto) out of its exchange.

source: Motherboard

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28 Feb 2019

💲 $320 million worth of Ether locked in dApps

According to Defipulse, a on-chain data website, applications built on Ethereum have locked approximately $320 million worth of ETH in their application, with MarkerDAO's DAI holding $280 million of the total amount

source: Trustnodes

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27 Feb 2019

🧀 Swiss private banker mastodon enters crypto

Banking giant Julius Baer has started to offer cryptocurrency investment services to its clients via a partnership with SEBA Crypto AG, a start-up with $100 million of funds raised. Julius Baer has over $380 billion of assets under management and close to $1 trillion of total assets according to the source.

source: Trustnodes