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20 Nov 2018

Bitcoin price falls, an anxious day for the crypto-world

The cryptocurrency market had a rough week as the top cryptocurrencies dropped. The market turned red and the strong one-year resistance of Bitcoin was breached.

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20 Nov 2018

Exploring the Stability of Stablecoins by Santiment

After Tether lost its peg to the dollar last month, analysis shows that Stablecoins may not be that stable after all.

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19 Nov 2018

Bounty0x Sheriff staking full launch scheduled for 23rd November

After 3 months of beta testing, Bounty0x is now ready to roll out its Sheriff staking feature to the public.

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17 Nov 2018

SEC gives clarity on primary and secondary crypto markets regulation

US watchdog shares its stance towards digital asset issuance and trading.

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16 Nov 2018

0x boasts of its “Relayer Kit”, promises 1 min as its launching time

Irrespective of the bearish market 0x launched a Relayer Kit that can be integrated under a minute to a project. Although the token fell a few points down, looks like the technical team gave ZRX a ...

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16 Nov 2018

ZeppelinOS kickstarts private beta for their ZEP token

Leading blockchain security firm introduces a private beta for their network incentivised to develop and maintain secure smart contracts


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Sola cryptocurrency logo 64X64 Sola Social Media 33% $15.2 mn 6 days
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Masternode Invest cryptocurrency logo 64X64 Masternode Invest Crypto Bank 80% $37.5 mn 10 days
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Ucoin cryptocurrency logo 64X64 Ucoin Asset Tokenisation N/A N/A 10 days
Inflr cryptocurrency logo 64X64 Inflr Advertising and Marketing 35% $33.3 mn 19 days
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